Vintage Dual Modular Wine Display Rack

Our Vintage Dual Modular Wine Display Rack is a precision-crafted and sturdy wine display for any store. It can be a freestanding display or up against the wall or gondola. Made from all-natural wood this wine display rack will impress with its elegant look.

With the angled top shelf, the wine bottles are laid down nicely, making an appealing presentation to the consumer. This unit will hold up to 84 750ml bottles of wine.

Combine with additional units to make a complete wine display.

Customization with stain/paint, printing, and graphic header sign requires an MOQ of 25 units. Please Request a Quote for customization charges and unique sizes.

If ordering lesser quantities, purchase the base unit here online. Stain or paint the display yourselves and then contact a local printer for header signs and vinyl graphics for the shelves.

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