Learn About Retail POP Displays

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are powerful advertising tools that set your product apart from the competition and increase sales at the store level. Strategically located where consumers’ purchasing decisions are made, POP displays are typically featured in highly-trafficked areas on the sales floor, outside near the doors, by gas pumps, or near checkout aisles. POP displays can range from simple signage placed next to the merchandise, to full-floor displays that shelve the product. Designed to be eye-catching, POP displays capture consumers’ attention when they are in the frame of mind to make purchases.

Why a Point of Purchase Display?
Point of Purchase is the area of the sales floor where the motivated consumer, the money, and the product all align. With POP displays, manufacturers and retailers can influence a consumer’s buying decision at the right time.

The main purpose of POP displays is to:
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Increase Impulse Buying

What are the Different Types of POP Displays?
The intended purpose of retail POP displays is to increase product awareness and sales.

The type of display you should use will depend on the:
• Product type, including its packaging, size, and price point.
Retail environments, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, warehouses, or boutiques.
 Specific purposes, like brand awareness or impulse purchases.

The most common display types and their intended purposes include floor displays, countertop displays, pallet displays, end cap displays, power wing displays, dump bins, and inline displays. The section below reviews each of these displays types in-depth, so you are better prepared for your next POP display project.

The types of POP displays from InterMarket Technology are:

Dock Locker Outdoor Display by Intermarket Technology

Outdoor Display Equipment

We maintain an extensive inventory of various-sized outdoor storage and beverage merchandising displays that will not only protect your valuable inventory but also deliver a powerful brand identity for a high visibility location outside the store.Manufactured in the USA of durable plastics and steel, our merchandising POP displays are designed to withstand the elements.From 2 different style Dock Lockers and our Steel Master unit to our Step Displays, Dry Stackers, Mobile Masters, and Bump Master Signs, we’ve got you covered.

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4-Post Wood Display Rack by InterMarket Technology

Indoor Display Equipment

Our indoor displays are freestanding units that can be placed anywhere on the sales floor. Each one is visually appealing with sturdy construction, designed to bring attention to your products. Available in a limitless range of shapes and sizes, our indoor displays can be customized to meet highly-specific branding and marketing goals. While a POP display can be structured in all manners of design.We have a variety of cost-efficient wood display racks with high-end appeal with our brands: 4-Posts, Side Brander, Countertop, Peg Board, and Wine Racks. In addition to our Dump Bins and Case Stacker units.

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Case Stacker - Product Saver Display by InterMarket Technology

Case Stacker / Floor Display Equipment

For indoor use, but work great outdoors too, our case stacker (also called a floor stacker) is a raised point-of-purchase display for beverages. This display type is a huge improvement over the standard pallet on the floor and can also offer immediate brand recognition.Incredibly light but still durable, made with our ImTech high-grade plastic. Our case stackers ship flat and are easy to store when not in use.We also have case stackers available in premium-grade wood, giving you a high-end look for a raised display.

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Custom Display by InterMarket Technology

Custom Product Displays

A Custom Retail Display is an important sales tool to promote products at the store level making your brand stand out from the competitors and increase overall sales. A custom display is unique, there is nothing stock about it. Design and developed specifically for your products, not just branding but the shelves are designed to the specific measurements of your products. This is something that our team are experts at, from the concept of the display to the finished manufacturing of said display.

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Production by InterMarket Technology


With everything being manufactured right here in our factory in Washington, NC, we can offer shipping directly to your stores or your distribution centers. We use a variety of shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS in addition to multiple freight companies.We aim to make the process as seamless as possible.All of our Display Equipment comes with detailed assembly instructions for quick assembly at retail centers. Alternatively, any of our displays are available to be delivered as an assembled unit making them floor-ready at your locations.

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