IMTech Outdoor Grade Plastic
Corrugated Plastic Displays

IMT has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing the most effective corrugated plastic POP displays in the retail world. Often misunderstood corrugated plastic is actually not corrugated at all. It is an extruded sheet of pure plastic that gains it’s strength and durability from it’s unique chambered profile. The nature of it’s core design structure allows extreme efficiencies by replacing plastic with air. This results in a lighter weight substrate which is permanent in nature, yet has all the benefits and shipping efficiencies of corrugated cardboard. The major differences here are not only the fact that it is not a laminate, but that it is water and weather proof. Therefore it can be used indoors or outside with no negative effects from store mops or weather. Designed properly, this substrate is an excellent replacement for other permanent POP display materials, often at an aesthetic and cost advantage.

Here you will find some examples of the our displays that ship and assemble easily.

Indoor Displays

Outdoor Promotions

Outdoor Displays