Side Brander

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The all-natural SideBrander™ wood display rack provides an attractive merchandising fixture that can be unique to your product. Graphically
enhancing this point of purchase rack with your brand on all sides will greatly increase visibility to consumers at the point of purchase, in almost all retail environments. Rest assured, the Sidebrander can easily withstand an enormous amount of retail products well over 300 lbs.

The high-quality natural wood can be finished to match or complement any store interior. As a modular or freestanding store fixture, you will be assured your product is presented with credibility and maximum appeal. By adding direct print with your branding and message you can be assured this display will be used for your product only.

This permanent wood display rack will last indefinitely providing years of service. The 2-sided header sign allows you to easily update your message or branding anytime. UPC channels may also be added to the shelf fronts to hold pricing or brand messages.

This display is also available with locking wheels, and shelf dividers for your products.

Available in stock sizes or custom size racks to fit your products this easy-to-assemble wood rack can be ordered with two to six shelves and comes complete with high-quality hardware and a tool for simple and fast assembly. We look forward to supplying you with a stock SideBrander™ for immediate shipment or customizing a rack specifically for your store or consumer product.