New Winter/Deicer Displays by InterMarket Technology

Deicer / Ice Melt Outdoor Displays

Winter is coming, and you need to be prepared for the demand for winter products from consumers and keeping outdoor surfaces safe and clear during the winter season. InterMarket Technology has introduced new outdoor displays to help you sell deicer/ice melt to consumers for melting ice on their driveway, sidewalk, pond, windshield, parking lots, and more. These displays are designed to showcase the quality and variety of your deicer products, as well as to provide convenient storage and access.

Here are some of the new outdoor displays:

  • StepMaxer 38″ with Deicer Sign Outdoor Step Display: This display is priced at $239.00 and is designed for putting products right in the most visible areas outside (or inside) the store.
  • Winter Dock Locker® 46 Outdoor Display: This display is priced at $349.00 – $428.00 and place this outdoor merchandiser close to where consumers can conveniently load their vehicles.
  • Winter Steel Master Dock Locker® Outdoor Display: This display is priced at $954.00 – $1,063.00 and is designed to be placed outside convenience stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores.
  • InterMarket Technology also offers a mobile display called the Mobile Master Display that can hold 24+ bags of deicer/ice melt with a header sign and over 42 bags without. The Mobile Master Display can be easily rolled around and locked in place.

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