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Have customers reaching for more with InterMarket Technology retail displays

displays by Intermarket technology

Foot-traffic in retail stores has increased by 44% since 2021.[1] What does retail have that e-commerce doesn’t? The ability to experience products in person. Capture your customers’ attention with well-designed display racks that show off the best of what your store has to offer. But what do the numbers say? -Over 50% of U.S. industry […]

New Winter/Deicer Displays by InterMarket Technology

Deicer / Ice Melt Outdoor Displays

Winter is coming, and you need to be prepared for the demand for winter products from consumers and keeping outdoor surfaces safe and clear during the winter season. InterMarket Technology has introduced new outdoor displays to help you sell deicer/ice melt to consumers for melting ice on their driveway, sidewalk, pond, windshield, parking lots, and […]

New 2023 C-Store Display Catalog

New InterMarket 2023 C-Store Display Catalog

We are pleased to introduce our new C-Store display catalog for your review and reference. Here you will find indoor and outdoor equipment that is designed to provide merchandising opportunities that will increase your sales. Most of the displays you will see are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. These displays can also be […]

Customized SideBrander Beverage Wood Display Rack for SLO Brew

SloBrew Whiskey Wood Display Rack SideBrander

Here is a recently customized wood display for SLO Brew out of California with shelving explicitly designed to display their Whiskey bottles and 6-packs of beer. Custom printing on the shelf face and the side panels with a 2-sided header sign to increase their branding and sell-through. This permanent wood display rack will last indefinitely […]

New Nestle Pure Life & Sheetz Dock Lockers

Nestle Pure Life Sheetz Dock Locker 46 Outdoor Display by Intermarket Technology

One of our latest custom branded Dock Lockers is arriving at Sheetz convenience stores near you. Dual branded with Nestle Pure Life water and Sheetz, these Dock Lockers offer not only an attractive display but additional storage for the stores for these upcoming summer months. Our Dock Lockers can be locked overnight if a store […]

New InterMarket Technology Website Launches

New InterMarket Technology Website Launches

InterMarket Technology has launched a new website with more information, improved functionality, and better organization. You can now order directly online or request estimates for specific products. The New IMT Website Provides: • Online Order Processing • Purchase by Brand Identity • Improved Navigation • Easy Submission for Custom Requests • Updated Product Specifications & […]

4-Post Wood Display Rack in a Grocery Store

4-Post Wood Display Rack in a Grocery Store

Here we have a base model of our 4-Post Wood Display Rack in a grocery store setting. This versatile rack is handcrafted in our Washington, NC factory and made of premium natural wood. Makes a great-looking permanent display that you can continually rotate products on. Price tag moldings are a simple add-on. Don’t forget we […]

Kingsford Grilling Centers for Dollar General

Kingsford Grilling Centers for Dollar General by InterMarket Technology

These Kingsford Grilling Centers are our Cadillac of displays that we produce for Dollar General stores all across the country. These steel displays were designed by our team, built in our North Carolina factory, and ship out every single week to a new destination or distribution point for Dollar General. So don’t forget to ask […]

4-Post Wood Display Rack for APi Water

4-Post Wood Display Rack for APi Water by InterMarket Technology

Our wood display production team, using premium-grade wood that is cut and painted in our factory. Bright vibrant blue color painted, hung out to dry in our Washington, NC factory. The shelves are then turned over to our screen printing department who then prints the Apiwater on the front of the shelves. Not only a […]