Gallery of Dock Locker® 54 Outdoor Displays

The Dock locker® 54, our largest outdoor model, is now in its 4th generation, is a highly effective outdoor merchandise display that can also be used for backup inventory. Catch the consumer outside the store or by the gas pumps with impulse sales.

Made with our ImTech outdoor grade plastic and Galvanized Steel these are made to last as well as impress with their fade-resistant graphics.

The Dock Locker® 54 is great for Firewood, Window Washer Fluid, Bottled Water, Soda, Auto Care products such as Antifreeze, and more.
The unit also works great with our StepMaxer II, which fits perfectly inside as a shelf bringing the product up off the floor.

Customizable graphics for whatever brands you would like or your store logo. MOQ is 20 units.

Click here if you would like to order a single in-stock branded model (Coke, Pepsi, Firewood, Washer Fluid, and more)

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