Auto Care Dock Locker® 46 Outdoor Display


The Dock Locker® 46 Outdoor Display increases auto care product sales by enhancing auto products with attractive imaging at your storefront. Great for window washer fluid, antifreeze, motor oil, and more at your gas station or grocery store.

This outdoor merchandiser keeps your products clean, dry, and sellable all while maintaining backup inventory and freeing up valuable inside floor space.

Beautiful four-color graphics directly printed on three sides provide high visibility 24/7. Made of durable Imtech™ outdoor grade plastic and reinforced with rigid PVC.

The steel turn hasps secure the door open or closed and can be used with optional padlocks for extra security.

The Auto Care Dock Locker® also includes a shelf for multiple product usage.

Dimensions: 53″ H X 46.5″ W X 21.5″ D

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Model #PACDL46

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