StepMaxer™ 38″ with Bottled Water Sign Outdoor Step Display


Our StepMaxer Outdoor Step Display is perfect for Convenience Stores of all shapes and sizes, putting products right in the most visible areas outside (or inside) the store. Creates a large visual to promote products that can be rotated throughout the year. Sell Washer Fluid during the rainy months and Bottled Water during warmer/dryer months, or a variety of other products like soda, firewood, salt, deicer, plants, and so on. Durable and made to last.

Why Choose the StepMaxer:
• Extremely Cost-Efficient Long-term Outdoor Solution.
• Price Changer and other Signage Options.
• High Strength / Weight ratio: Doesn’t sag under heavy loads.
• Efficiently packs unassembled for reduced shipping cost.
• Customize size, color, and graphic treatment (MOQ 100).
• Store Chain Distribution Services (we provide comprehensive storage and distribution programs).

Designed to last and all parts are replaceable. 

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Model #PHDSM338BWFS | See All Bottled Water Displays

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