Grilling Center Steel Master Dock Locker® Charcoal Outdoor Display


Boost your Grilling Supply sales with the Steel Master Dock Locker® Charcoal Outdoor Display!

This durable and secure display unit lets you showcase your grilling products outdoors with confidence and style. The Steel Master Dock Locker is made of weather-resistant Galvanized Steel and features Stainless Steel hinges for easy opening and closing. The easy-to-open steel door and can be locked with three optional padlocks for extra protection. You can store and display bags of charcoal, hardwood, pellets, lighter fluid, grill brushes, and more in this spacious and versatile unit.

The Steel Master Dock Locker also has eye-catching graphics that attract customers and promote your brand. This display is ideal for convenience, dollar, and grocery stores that want to increase their visibility and revenue. Order yours today and see the difference!

Model# SGSSM01


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