How to Market Your Products to Retailers

Learning how to approach retailers to effectively market your product is an excellent skill for wholesale distributors. In 2023, commercializing products has become an increasingly important step toward developing a business and growing access to your products.

Before reaching out to big-box stores to market your product, it is critical to know what to expect so you can be prepared to make the sale. You have a higher chance of succeeding if you know exactly what the retailer is looking for and then change your approach accordingly.

Know your Product

Before pitching your product to the retailer, it is important to study it inside out, including its sales statistics, costs involved, and the target market. You want the retailer to have full confidence in you and your product, and a surefire way to do so is to show interest and expertise.

Market the Product Correctly

Your product needs to be shelf-ready and feature durable and eye-catching packaging. The way you display your product is also extremely important. A good way to smartly advertise your products in supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores is to opt for custom display racks.

These display racks are generally colorful and attention-grabbing, eventually encouraging impulsive buying. A custom display rack with correct information and inviting discounts and promos not hogging too much space normally get the sale. Plus, you have so many options to choose from, such as:

Indoor Displays
Indoor displays come in various styles, sizes, designs, and materials based on your preferences. They are typically standalone displays that can be interacted with from 360 degrees. Not only do they look more organized, but they are also ideal for experimenting with some eye-catching designs or shapes.

Keeping a customized entryway display can put your business at the top of the buyers’ list before they can even lay eyes on your competitors. These displays are especially effective at encouraging impulsive buyers since customers are likely to spend more at the start of their shopping trip.

Outdoor Displays
Outdoor custom displays come in a wide array of sizes and shapes and are ideal for protecting valuable inventory while delivering a powerful brand message and price point. With InterMarket Technology, you can find different point-of-sale outdoor displays with several features, such as locks to prevent theft and shades to protect the display from heat. Certain models also offer extra storage space, ideal for small stores requiring more inventories.

Establishing an Online Presence with a Website and Social Media

A retailer will be more interested in your product if you have a professional-looking website and other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Actively post on your social media accounts and ensure your website is always updated. That way, retailers can be sure that your business is being talked-about and is legitimate enough to have an online presence. Showcase your product effectively using high-quality photos, a descriptive video, and a visual presentation so retailers can learn more about its benefits, unique selling points, and other features.

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