InterMarket Technology was founded by Scott Gardner in 1995 from his basement in Boonton Twp, NJ. The goal was to leverage his product development expertise from these industries: defense, retail malls, public access directories, trade marketing events, trade shows exhibits, industrial theater, wholesale/retail sales, boat manufacturer representation, real estate mortgages, and Point of Purchase display production.

Gardner’s unique interest and belief in twin-wall plastic initiated a large onslaught of tireless development of portable trade show exhibits which became a leading product in the late ’80s and ’90s supporting major corporations in various industries at both regional and national trade shows. Learning how to manipulate this material Gardner worked with a Canadian manufacturer who manufactured his exhibit equipment until circumstances changed and he was forced to set up manufacturing in the US. Point of purchase displays was the next application for this material where Gardner introduced this unique and widely unknown material into the permanent category of POP displays.

Several early adopters of the unique plastic designs included Family Circle Magazine, McCormick Schilling, Nestle, P&G, Pepsi, and Very Fine. Various stock designs included a magazine merchandiser, Speed table, Ultra Cooler, Dump Bin, and the Product saver Floor Platform.

Simultaneous with the evolution of these products a variety of other materials were being integrated with the plastic for more complex designs which required steel and wood.

Soon integrating other materials after IMT was designing custom wood racks and having difficulty finding a US-based factory to produce parts. So, Gardner made the required investment to add wood manufacturing machinery to the factory in Fairfield, NJ. Soon after in 1998 while wood was starting to become a more important segment of the business the beverage industry took notice of a twin-wall plastic IMT product called the Mock Pallet Display. Coca-Cola and Exxon became early adopters of this outdoor representation of a pallet of products and the Outdoor Merchandising category was born. This led to an onslaught of products from IMT for the merchandising of beverages in the Convenience /Petroleum channel including The Pallet Cover, Dock Locker, Bump Blaster, Space Station, XT-1, Steel Master Stepmaxer, and others.

To meet production demand, several proprietary machines were developed which have proven invaluable in the unique production requirements for IMT equipment.

IMT required more space and added a production facility also in Fairfield NJ. Three years thereafter in 2001 IMT expanded further and moved both production facilities into one building in Wayne NJ.

By then IMT was producing a complete line of outdoor display equipment and maintaining inventory for instant distribution for Exxon, Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Kroeger, Safeway, and Circle K.

To protect the designs from the global competition, a wide array of trademarks were registered and several US patents were secured for a variety of products.

Custom equipment also continued to expand and IMT was now making wood and steel display equipment for the likes of McCormick Schilling, Gallo Wines, for placement at Grocery, and Convenience stores.

Then in 2004 Clorox called on IMT for merchandising Kingsford charcoal at Dollar General stores that evolved into three different designs which can now be seen at 14,000 stores throughout the US.

While the company has weathered various economic changes and retail trends it soon became apparent that small and midsize companies needed a standard rack for existing and introduction of new products without the high cost of tooling and custom design. So IMT introduced the Sidebrander, 4-post, and Pegbrander line of natural wood handcrafted stock display racks that are now mainstays for over 200 of IMT’s clients.

In 2017 the company moved its entire factory and corporate offices to Washington NC where it services its clients and provides employment for 40-50 employees.

Now in its 26th year, IMT sees the future brighter than ever and looks forward to continued growth and increased production of high-quality products for new and existing customers.